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These songs were written and recorded here and there over the past 22 years. Though I did most of the playing and engineering myself, I have several other people to thank for their help.

Steven Younger played organ on Helium and Better of Me, and sang background vocals with me on Better of Me. Chris Rossbach played the four simultaneous solos on Helium, though he didn’t actually play them simultaneously. Chris also composed the cooler guitar parts on Better of Me. Ben Verdier composed the bass lines for Helium and Better of Me. Marc Lionetti and Drew Merrill offered arrangement help, and Marc provided inspiration for solos on many of the songs.

Billy Barnett at Gung-Ho Studio (Eugene, OR) recorded the drums for Brakes, Everybody Knows, Take a Ride, Hey Lover, Wedded Winters, Brother Sister, and Substitute. Jesse Nichols at Fantasy Studios (Berkeley, CA) recorded the drums for Helium, Better of Me, and NJ. Randy Rood at Emeryville Recording Co. (Emeryville, CA) recorded the vocals and organ for Helium and Better of Me. Other parts were recorded at home in San Francisco, Oakland, Mountain View, and El Cerrito, CA, and Eugene, OR. Don Ross of Don Ross Productions (Eugene, OR) provided mixing advice and mastered the album.

Stephanie Donahue designed this web site.

heliumbetter of me njbrakeseverybody knows take a ride
hey lover it rained today superegositting very still
wedded winters brother sister substitute